4 Ways Commercial Cleaners Can Decrease Your Chance Of An Office Fire

7 August 2016
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There are multiple benefits associated with having a professional commercial cleaning service maintain your office. One of these benefits is the elimination of fire hazards. Here are a few things that commercial cleaners can do to help decrease your chances of a devastating office fire:

Manage trash.

When things get busy in an office, few people consider the state of the office waste receptacles. Large amounts of discarded paper and other flammable items  can fill waste baskets quickly. These objects offer a great fuel source for a fire.

Commercial cleaners empty waste baskets, even those that only have a small amount of debris. By maintaining less flammable trash in the receptacles, the cleaners help ensure that your office is safer from fires.

Remove clutter from blocking fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers provide a great way to stop smoldering objects and small fires from progressing. However, if extinguishers are inaccessible due to clutter, they become ineffective.

Commercial cleaners can clean an area on a daily basis or even several times throughout the day, based on the particular of their cleaning contract. If large boxes or other discardable materials are blocking a fire extinguisher, the cleaners can remove the objects and place them in a suitable outdoor trash container.

Remove clutter that could block electrical panels.

As commercial cleaning personnel remove the large items that should be discarded, they can clear a path to electrical panels. Access to electrical panels is imperative. If a fire erupts, electrical power should be intentionally disrupted as soon as possible. Additionally, if there is an electrical overload in an area, the breaker that controls the electricity in the area should be turned off. However, if access to the panels are blocked, appropriate measures cannot be taken.

Keep smoking areas free of debris.

Commercial cleaners are also usually responsible for maintaining designated smoking areas around an office. If cigarette receptacles become overly filled or if flammable trash is retained in the smoking area, a fire may erupt.

After clearing all cigarette butts from the smoking areas and removing any loose trash or debris, commercial cleaners often refill receptacles with fresh sand to ensure any smoldering butts can be extinguished quickly.

To learn more ways that commercial cleaners can help maintain your office space and keep it free of fire hazard, schedule a consultation with a commercial cleaning service in your area. Be sure to discuss the specific layout, size and cleaning needs of your work space.