4 Tips for Hiring a Nightly Office-Cleaning Service

23 November 2016
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If you own a business, you may not have considered this, but you definitely should hire professionals to do nightly office cleaning. Not only will this ensure that your office is clean every morning when you walk in, but it will also increase your employees' work productivity since they will be working in a clean environment and won't have to worry about taking on any cleaning duties themselves. When it comes to hiring a nightly cleaning service, you need to know these four important tips.

Have the Cleaning Personnel Meet You in Person for a Walk-Through:  Before hiring a nightly cleaning service, you should be sure that they do a walk-through of the office before giving you an estimate on their services. This is because the way that your office is laid out will make a huge difference in what cleaning services need to be provided. The price will also differ depending on the type of flooring that your office has, how much desk space there is, and more. 

Ask About Safety: When it comes to cleaning, the professional should have serious safety measures in place. For example, the supplies used to clean the bathroom should not also be used to clean the kitchen. You need to ask about these things because policies like these will keep your employees safe. After all, you don't want to end up losing employee time because of illness or potentially being sued for it. 

Make Sure the Company Provides Emergency Services: If your office space was vandalized in the middle of the night after the cleaning crew has left or suffered from some other kind of damage, you want to be able to bring in emergency cleaning services so that your business day can continue as normal. The cleaning service that you hire should be available to take your call and clean your office as needed.

Don't Hire the Lowest Price: Often businesses make the mistake of hiring the cleaning company that offers the lowest price. The problem with this is that lower prices can mean the service is not as great. You need to read into the details before you hire a company. Do they offer the lowest price because they only spend a certain amount of time cleaning? Or do they only clean once a week instead of four or five times a week? You need to know this to ensure that the cleaning service is meeting your expectations. 

When you know these four tips, you can be sure that the nightly office-cleaning service you hire makes you, your employees, and your customers satisfied with your office environment.