Carpet Cleaning: 3 Carpet Stains A Cleaning Service Can Help You Remove

23 September 2021
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Carpets are warm and comfortable to your feet, and they also enhance the appearance of your home. However, they are prone to dirt and dust mites that interfere with their appearance, quality, and durability. But it's good to note that stains are your carpet's worst enemy because they make it look unsightly and shorten its life. Although you can remove some stains using certain homemade cleaning products, some stains are too stubborn, and only a carpet cleaning service can remove them. Below are some of the stains that a cleaner can help you remove.

Blood Stains

When someone sustains an injury that leaves them bleeding in your house, your carpet will likely have bloodstains. When this happens, you should give them first aid to ensure the bleeding stops. Then pour some cold water on the bloodstains since blood is water-soluble. Don't splash hot water on the stained area because that will cause the stain to set in further. Then, dab the stain gently using dish detergent and cold water until the stain is removed.

If the stain doesn't come out, contact a carpet cleaner for help. It's an indication that the bloodstain is already soaked into the fibers of your carpet, and the usual cleaning techniques won't help. 

Red Wine Pigments 

Everyone wants to have fun and enjoy a glass of red wine with their friends and family at home. However, the wine you are enjoying could also ruin your carpet. If a glass of red wine spills on your carpet, you should act quickly because you don't want to have wine stains on it. 

Unlike other liquids, red wine is harder to remove because it soaks into your carpet fibers quite fast. It's also highly acidic, and its deep red stains are usually stubborn. Since you can't successfully deal with wine stains on the carpet yourself, consider contacting carpet cleaning services in good time. 

Dog Stains

If you have pets in your house, you will have a messy carpet at some point. For instance, they will hardly hold themselves when they develop stomach problems. This means they will reluctantly urinate, vomit, or defecate on the carpet, including the potty-trained ones. In this case, you should first wipe out the mess using a paper towel or tissue. Don't rub it because you will only soak the pet stain deep into the carpet. 

In case of urine stains, just bloat them without scrubbing. Then, clean the stain using cold water and detergents and dab it dry. Instead of doing all this, you can hire a professional to deep clean the carpet because they will completely remove the stain and any foul odor accompanying it. 

A stained carpet in your living room is usually an eyesore to your family and guests. So if yours has some blood, pet, and wine stains, hire carpet cleaning pros to work on it. Don't depend on DIY methods because they hardly remove stubborn stains.