Common Mistakes When Cleaning A Kitchen Exhaust System

26 April 2023
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A commercial kitchen's safety and productivity depend on a properly functioning exhaust system. Keeping the exhaust hood, filters, and ductwork clean and free of grease buildup helps prevent fires and ensures proper air circulation and a healthy working environment. However, many restaurants and other food establishments make critical mistakes when maintaining their kitchen exhaust systems.

Mistake: Neglecting Regular Cleaning Schedule 

Regular cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system is crucial for preventing grease buildup, which can increase the risk of fire hazards in your establishment. A clean hood also promotes better airflow, reducing odors and contaminants in the air that can affect both the safety and comfort of employees and customers.

Failing to maintain a regular cleaning schedule for your restaurant's kitchen hood can lead to several potential problems. For example, excessive grease buildup can create an ideal environment for bacterial growth, leading to health code violations or even foodborne illnesses among customers. Additionally, neglecting proper cleaning increases the likelihood of a catastrophic fire event caused by ignition from built-up grease deposits.

Mistake: Relying On In-House Staff For Cleaning  

While it is understandable that a restaurant would prefer to use its own personnel for routine maintenance activities, you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service to remove the grime from your restaurant's exhaust system.

Professional hood cleaners possess specialized knowledge about how different types of systems work and how best to remove stubborn grease deposits from various surfaces within these systems. Also, they have specialized tools and equipment that can provide a more comprehensive cleaning and examination. By hiring a commercial kitchen hood cleaning service for this task, your exhaust system will be cleaned correctly and safely, which reduces the risk of fire hazards and other potential issues.

Mistake: Ignoring Grease Buildup In Filters

Grease filters play a critical role in trapping grease particles before they enter the ductwork of your kitchen exhaust system. When these filters become clogged with grease, they lose effectiveness, allowing more grease to accumulate within the ducts and increasing the risk of fire hazards.

Neglecting to clean or replace clogged filters can lead to poor air quality in your kitchen, causing discomfort for staff members and potentially driving away customers due to unpleasant odors or even visible smoke. Furthermore, dirty filters stress your exhaust fan by making it harder to pull air through the system. When your system's filters become dirty, they should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned to restore the flow of air through them.

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