Potty Training Fido: How To Get Urine Stains And Odors Out Of The Carpet

20 May 2015
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No matter how cute Fido is, potty training can become a tedious process. Most puppies have developed sufficient bladder or bowel control by 12 weeks of age, which is when you can start potty training them. Potty training typically takes puppies several months to master, so you can expect a lot of accidents to happen during this time. If you notice urine stains on your carpet, don't fret. Here's how you get it out:

Removing Fresh and Old Urine Stains

Not all accidents are preventable, and you'll probably have to deal with fresh urine stains on the carpet at some point of time during potty training. You want to absorb as much as the mess as possible from fresh urine stains with paper towels before spraying an enzyme cleaner over the area. If the urine stains still persist, opt to either steam clean the carpet or perhaps even consider applying oxidation products, such as bleach. When steam cleaning, there are specific pet stain removal solutions that should be used. 

Getting the Odors Out

Once you have successfully removed all of the urine stains from the carpet, spray a basic vinegar solution over the area in order to permanently get rid of any persistent odors that may still be left. Work the vinegar solution into the carpet with a brush, so that it penetrates deep into the core of the carpet. Keep in mind that you need to be sure that there are no more urine stains before applying the vinegar, as it will easily set the color of the stains although it is a great neutralizer. 

You can also use baking soda to get strong, persistent odors out of the carpet. You want to pour generous amounts of baking soda onto the stained area, and allow it to sit for the full day before vacuuming it up.

Getting rid of the odors in the carpet will not only improve you living conditions, but will also be beneficial for potty training puppies. The smell of the urine can be distracting to them, and cause them to urinate at the same spot over and over again, thus, hindering any progress. 


If all else fails, hire professional carpet cleaners to get the job done right. You want to hire the carpet cleaners as soon as possible, so that the urine stains and odors do not have more time to penetrate deep into the carpet and cause more damage. Professional carpet cleaning companies typically have the equipment and the knowledge necessary to completely remove the presence of any stains and odors, so that your carpets look like new.

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