Worried About Discolored Carpeting? 3 Ways Professional Cleaning Can Help

4 July 2018
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If you've recently noticed that your carpeting has some spots of discoloration, it can be easy to feel like you need to have the carpeting removed entirely. While this can be the case in some severe situations, it can be much more preferable to look into whether professional carpet cleaning can be done. Having the discolored carpeting treated can restore the original condition of the carpeting and make a big difference in how satisfied you are the carpeting in the following years after the cleaning has finished. Read More 

Office Plants – Keeping Them Clean To Protect Your Appearance

11 May 2018
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Live plants in the workplace can improve the environment, but they do come with the added responsibility of caring for them and keeping them clean. If the plants are cleaned regularly, they will look terrible and give your business the appearance that you don't care enough to keep up with the cleaning. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you keep your office plants looking great. Regular Dusting If you keep up with dusting the plants regularly, you won't have to worry about deep cleaning the plants often at all. Read More 

How To Remove Hand Lotion From Carpet

8 April 2018
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Hand lotion is great for the skin, but not on your carpet. However, you may notice a spill, or you could spill some yourself from accidentally squirting it, or knocking an open bottle on the floor. Removing hand lotion stains differs from other stains since it is oily. It isn't impossible to remove hand lotion, even dried lotion, with the right techniques. Follow these steps to remove hand lotion from your carpet. Read More