Want To Freshen Your Home Between Cleaning Service Visits? Use The Power Of Cinnamon!

21 May 2015
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If you love the fresh scent of your home after the maid service leaves, you might feel a little let down the next day if the smell is gone. While you may not be able to emulate that scent without cleaning like the service does, you can do a few things to provide an inviting scent in every room of your home while you await their return. Cinnamon is a popular choice in home air fresheners, and this guide provides threes ideas to use this spice to give your home an inviting fragrance.

Apply To Light Bulbs

Pick up some cinnamon essential oil at the grocery store or natural health food store. Make sure the light bulbs in your home are off and cool. Then simply add a few drops to various bulbs around the home. When you turn on the lights, the bulbs emit the cinnamon scent around the room as they heat up.

Pour Some In A Bowl

Perhaps the easiest way to provide a whiff of cinnamon is to pour some from your spice jar in a bowl and set it out on a table or bookshelf. If you have children or pets, it's a good idea to place it in an out of reach area so that you don't have a mess and so that accidental ingestion of the plain spice does not occur.

Spray It Around Your Home

One way to spice up the aroma around your home is to fill a spray bottle with vodka and add a few tablespoons of cinnamon to it. The alcohol helps to prolong the life of the mixture in the bottle and because vodka doesn't have a smell, it's the best kind of alcohol to use. Shake up the mixture and spritz the room with it occasionally. If you prefer not to use vodka, water will work as well, but the mix may not last as long or have the same scent because you're not mixing the cinnamon with alcohol. You'll need to pour out more than you use. 

If you find that you prefer the scent of cinnamon instead of the smell from your cleaning service's products, ask him or her to use one of these methods. In addition, your cleaning service can help you keep up with the smells in your home by reapplying the oil to the light bulbs or refilling a bowl. Ask your cleaning service for other ideas to obtain a warm and inviting aroma in your home using cinnamon.