4 Easy Steps To Avoid Unsightly Traffic Lanes On Your Home Carpet

22 May 2015
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While chocolate stains, wine spills and other damaging conditions can hinder your carpet, there isn't anything worse than heavy foot traffic over time. No matter how durable your carpet fibers are, they will eventually wear down to high traffic. There are areas in the home that are most often walked, such as stairs, hallways and right in front of your furniture. It is these areas that will more rapidly wear down and create an effect that is called "traffic lanes." When left alone, these areas can become very unsightly. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to avoid them.

1. Add Carpet Runners.

One step you can take is to add carpet runners to the most highly-trafficked areas of the carpet. Carpet runners are typically more durable than the carpet itself and can be cost-effective, especially when you consider the damage that excessive foot traffic does to the carpet. Carpet runners not only protect your carpet, but they also add character to your space. You can find carpet runners in geometric patterns, flowers, and squiggly lines. Plus, they can be used on the stairs, where constant traffic is received.

2. Move Your Furniture.

You can keep the carpet fresh in the bedroom and living room by routinely moving your furniture around. This avoids certain areas of the carpet being walked on constantly since you are switching things up. This should be done every six months, or seasonally. This not only saves the carpet, but it provides your home with a brand new look every now and again and helps you take advantage of the natural light coming in through your windows, depending on the season.

3. Vacuum Regularly.

Many people underestimate the importance of routine vacuuming, but it can really help maintain the appearance and quality of your home's carpet. It works to remove any loose dirt and debris from the carpet before it is pushed into the fibers of the carpet from foot traffic. The more dirt and debris that is grounded into the carpet fibers, the quicker the carpet fibers will weaken. You may want to consider getting on at least a 30-day schedule of vacuuming, as this will help save your carpet and help reduce allergies and smells.

4. Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning.

It isn't often that something can beat a professional cleaning of your carpet. Professional cleaning helps to ensure that your carpets maintains its original quality and durability, which means it will be able to withstand heavy wear and tear from extensive foot traffic. Depending on the severity of your home conditions, you should have your carpet cleaned by a professional every three to 24 months. Most homes only require a cleaning annually.

Contact a local carpet cleaning company like Kleen As A Whistle, to schedule a cleaning and they'll be able to let you know how often a cleaning should be performed.