3 Tips for Cleaning the Bathrooms in Your Home

28 May 2015
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Since the bathrooms are some of the most often used rooms in your home, they can get dirty very quickly. Because of this, you want to be able to get them as clean as possible each time that you clean them. There are certain things that you can do to get your bathroom very clean, and keep it looking and feeling fresh. Here are 3 tips for cleaning the bathrooms in your home. 

Use Soap Scum Remover on Shower Doors before Window Cleaner

Because your shower doors are constantly getting hit with water, soap, shampoo, and conditioner, they likely have a thick film on them. Simply using window cleaner on the shower door is often times not effective in removing this film because it is simply too thick. A great way to help remove this film is to apply a soap scum remover to your shower door. Spray the soap scum on the door, and leave it for long enough to break down the hard water and thick film from the door. You can then wash off the soap scrum remover with a sponge or wash rag, and then rinse off the door using hot water.

Use Melamine Foam to Clean between the Grout on Your Floor and/or Countertops

The grout on your countertops and floors in your bathroom can often times get rather dirty over time with dirt and dust. This dirt and dust then settles on the grout, making it darker in color. Simply mopping your floor isn't always the most effective method to remove this build up because the mop doesn't specifically scrub this area. To better target this area, you can use melamine foam to scrub the grout specifically. You can use a general floor cleaner if you would like, or you can simply use soapy water. The foam will effectively remove the dirt and dust particles from the grout, leaving it looking clean and new. 

Use a Muslin Dish Towel to Clean Your Mirrors

Paper towels often leave particles of paper behind on your mirrors, and regular wash rags can smudge your mirrors and leave fabric hairs behind. Muslin dish towels are great for cleaning your mirrors because they do not leave any hairs behind, and they do an excellent job of cleaning off all stains and smudges on your mirror, with the help of a window cleaner. They also leave your mirrors streak free, which is one of the main goals when cleaning any mirror. For assistance, talk to a house cleaning service like A-1 Maid Service Inc.