3 Unique Situations Where You May Want to Hire a Janitorial Cleaning Service

29 May 2015
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Hiring a janitorial service to clean for a unique situation can often times be very beneficial to you for a variety of reasons. Here are 3 unique situations where you may want to hire a janitorial cleaning service to make things much easier for you. 

After the Construction of a Home or Other Building 

After a home or other type of building is completed, there is often a lot of dirt, dust, and other debris still left behind. If you call a janitorial cleaning service to come and clean this area after it is completed, they will be able to take care of all of this. They can come in with large dumpsters to take care of all of the leftover debris. They will do all of your regular interior cleaning, and anything extra like cleaning exterior and interior windows, removing paint from floors or sinks, carpet cleaning, etc.  

When You Need Someone to Care for Your Yard While You Are Out of Town

If you are going out of town and need someone to take care of your yard, many janitors now offer this service as well. You can call the janitorial service ahead of time to schedule the days and the time of day that you need them to care for your yard, and you can also have them make a home visit to see your yard. Their services can include things like mowing, weed eating, fertilizing, tree trimming, planting flowers, and other yard work along these same lines. Their rate for these services will likely be the same as their regular cleaning rate, and many janitorial cleaners receive some extra training so that they know how to properly care for your yard. 

Before and after a Big Event

If you don't generally have janitors clean your home, office, or other building for you, then you likely won't think to contact them for temporary cleaning services. However, you definitely should call them to help with cleaning before and after a big event. Their cleaning services will get the area where the party is being held looking great before the party, and they will take care of the disastrous mess left behind once the party is over.  For the after party clean up the janitorial service, ones like A Plus Cleaning Service Inc., will take care of the trash and leftovers, clean the entire area thoroughly, and will help to put away the decor.