Construction Cleanup: The Plans And Process

11 June 2015
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Construction sites large and small can be very messy places. If you work for a cleaning service company like Millennium Commercial and Construction Cleaning Services, these types of jobs can be a lot more heavy duty than your standard cleaning task. Whether this is your first time doing cleanup on a construction site or you've had plenty of prior experience, there are several things you should know in order to ensure the job goes well and that the customer is happy with the results.

Do A Walk Through

Before work begins, it is always a good idea to get a feel for the size and scope of the cleanup that will be needed. Talk to the project manager and get an idea regarding what kind of materials will be used on the job site during construction, how many people will be working the job, and ask what frequency the job site will need to be cleaned. You may need to clean everything from floors and ceilings to walls and windows. Write down how much total square footage there is, and measure the windows so you will know how long the job will take and have an idea of how many supplies you'll need.

Be Thorough

Many construction sites have strict requirements when it comes to following regulations regarding the environment. Find out in advance if certain debris must be recycled, what kinds of cleaning products are prohibited, as well as any other potential restrictions. Ask the job foreman what the preferred schedule is in terms of allowing your staff to be there to clean up. Determine whether this will be a final, end of job clean up, or if you're expected to clean up each day or week after work is finished. Having an idea of what you're in for will help you do a better job for the customer.

It Will Get Dirty

Unlike an office where people sit at their desk most of the day, construction job sites are messy and dirty. Be prepared to clean up a lot of dust, debris, nails and screws, various spilled liquids like paints and other solutions, and generally know that the work will be more intense than a regular commercial cleaning job. Make sure everyone has the proper safety equipment while they work including hard hats and safety glasses. Dust masks are also a good idea since as you clean, the drywall dust and other small particles will be stirred up. Look at the big picture so your next construction site cleanup will go smoothly.