3 Birthday Gift Ideas For The Working Wife And Mom

26 July 2016
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Looking for a birthday gift that will knock the socks off your busy working wife? The following three ideas are sure to do the trick:

Full Service House Cleaning

Your wife likely doesn't look forward to spending her free time away from work cleaning up at home, so what better way to show that you appreciate her than by gifting her with full service house cleaning services for her birthday? Buy her up to a year's worth of cleaning services and she's sure to repay you with heartfelt thanks throughout the contract.

Look for a service provider that is willing to do laundry and dishes so they don't stack up throughout the week and get left for you and your wife to do on the weekend. Have the kids take care of small tasks, such as picking dirty clothes up off the floor daily, that aren't provided by your cleaning service. This will allow your wife to spend her time at home enjoying family and entertainment as opposed to working to keep things clean.

Career Advancement Courses

An excellent way to support your wife while she works is to surprise her with career advancement courses for her birthday. The classes don't have to be specific to her current job at work – if she's aspiring to get promoted or hired for another position at her place of employment, choose courses to gift her that will teach her new skills she can put to use that will help her reach her goals. Alternatively, you can provide her with courses that aren't tied directly into her career path but that will enhance her job performance never-the-less. For example if she manages employees at work, gift her with courses that teach communication techniques, listening skills, or self management methods.

A Relaxing "Staycation"

Every working wife and mom deserves some downtime to relax and get reinvigorated. Consider planning a "staycation" for your wife during a weekend around her birthday. Send the kids to spend the weekend with their friends or family members and go shopping for meals you can make her throughout the weekend so she doesn't have to cook.

Hook her up with a few new magazines to enjoy while she relaxes in the bathtub. Place fresh flowers and candles around the house to perk things up a little.

These gift ideas are sure to make your wife smile and ensure that life is a little easier and less stressful for her as time goes on.