3 Times To Hire An Outside Janitorial Service For Your Medical Care Facility

22 October 2018
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Most medical care facilities employ staff members that specifically handle daily cleaning tasks, whether it is keeping floors cleaned, changing linens in patent rooms, or otherwise. However, there may come a point when it is wise to trust outside janitorial services for help even though you have your own cleaning staff members. Take a look at a few situations in a medical care facility when it is a good idea to bring in a professional cleaning crew. 

During Cold & Flu Season

During periods when you have many more patients coming in for treatment and all of them are walking germ-carriers, keeping illnesses at bay can be really difficult. Surfaces will have to be sanitized constantly, floors will have to be cleaned more often, and even the furniture in the waiting room should be disinfected daily. Instead of leaving all of this to your cleaning crew who is already dealing with the usual chores of everyday business, it is a good time of year to bring in some outside help. You can allow the janitorial team to handle the usual cleaning tasks so your regular staff members can be attentive to keeping the place germ-free for patients. 

Before Certain Inspections

When you own and operate a medical care facility, regular inspections from overseeing entities are a pretty typical occurrence. During these inspections, every point of your building will be examined under a scrutinizing eye, right down to the vents in the ceiling and the drainage points in the floor. Before you are scheduled to have a major inspection, bring in a janitorial service to help your staff achieve a deep cleaning of the building. Everything will be polished, cleaned, shined, and sanitized by the professionals who will get to all of those little cleaning tasks that make your building look sparkling new. 

Through Periods of Shortstaffing 

One of the downfalls of running a business is that you will always have variables when it comes to employee reliability and your staff. If you run into a time when you are short a few staff members and you are having a hard time either filling positions or getting by, never hesitate to bring in an outside janitorial service to help get you through these hard times. You can hire the company on a short-term basis until your staff is back to normal or have them come in to clean a few times as their services are needed.