Want To Maintain A Clean Office? 4 Tips To Get By With Monthly Cleaning Service

15 December 2018
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When you work in an office with a few employees, you may intend on keeping the entire space clean. While some businesses will get office cleaning every day or every week, you may not be interested in getting office cleaning service more than once per month. Although it will be a challenge, you should be able to get by with only monthly cleaning by following several tips.

Deep Cleaning

While working with professionals to get your monthly office cleaning service, you should make sure that you get a deep cleaning. Instead of working around the furniture to clean the flooring in the reachable areas, you can rely on cleaners to move furniture for a thorough cleaning.

A deep cleaning will go through the nooks and crannies to make sure the kitchen, restroom, and general work area are all spotless for your employees to enjoy the following day. You can also rely on the equipment throughout the office to be dusted and wiped down thoroughly.


After finding an office cleaning company to hire, you can start to rely on monthly cleaning to make sure the space is clean. But, since you only intend on getting service once per month, you should do everything that you can to maintain cleanliness in between cleanings. A great way to accomplish this goal is to avoid opening the windows as it can let dust and debris inside.


Although you may like the idea of letting your employees come in with their pets, this is something that you should restrict when you want to keep your office clean and allergen-free. Pets are susceptible to bathroom accidents or even getting sick and vomiting on the floor. Most dogs and cats also shed a lot of hair, which would end up floating around the entire office.

Spill Cleanup

With careful planning, you should be able to avoid excessive dirtiness in your office before you get each monthly cleaning. But, one of the things that you should be prepared to handle on your own is spill cleanup. Putting together a spill cleanup tool kit is worthwhile because you can put it in an area that all your employees know about so they can use the cleaning kit on their own.

If you want to make it a habit to get monthly office cleaning service, you should get thorough cleaning and follow tips to keep dirt and dust buildup in the office to a minimum.