3 Things To Do Before Your Window Cleaners Arrive

19 September 2019
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If your windows appear a little dingy or have poor visibility, it sounds like you're overdue for a thorough cleaning. Even though you may not have room on your calendar to get your windows gleaming, you can hire a window cleaning service to complete the job for you. Check out a few things you should do before the cleaners arrive to ensure that you're happy with the results.

1. Determine How the Cleaners Will Access Your Property

In some instances, you may only want to have the exterior of your windows cleaned. Homeowners who live in multi-story properties may be able to tackle their interior window cleaning but lack the supplies to wash the outside of their windows. Or, you might want to have cleaners handle the interior and exterior of your windows to make sure your windows are sparkling.

Regardless of which option you decide on, check that the window cleaners have access to your property. They may need a key or security code to enter your home if you won't be there during the cleaning session; check that you provide this ahead of time to prevent any delays. Make sure the cleaning team can access your driveway if possible. 

2. Secure Any Pets

Try to secure the furry members of your family before the cleaning team starts their session. Not only will this keep a beloved pet from unexpectedly darting out the door or your property's fence when the cleaners access your home, but it will help keep the window cleaners safe.

Some pets are excited to see new people and may accidentally bump a ladder or step stool. Your pet may be curious about the window cleaner's supplies and try to play with them or chew them. 

3. Decide If You Want to Have Your Screens Cleaned

One task that homeowners commonly overlook is cleaning their window screens. Dirty window screens filled with gunk and dirt can also obscure the visibility of your windows. Fortunately, cleaning your window screens is a relatively easy task.

Just remove the screens from your windows and soak them in hot water and mild soap, rinse them, and wipe them clean. If you decide to clean your own screens, try to do this before your window cleaners arrive so that the dirt from your screens doesn't get your newly cleaned windows dirty.

Or, you can have your window cleaning team tackle washing your screens. Make sure you request the service ahead of time when possible so they can devote ample time to your home.