4 Simple Steps Of DIY Grout Cleaning

20 May 2021
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Ceramics and tiles give a room a beautiful and stunning appearance, mainly when used in the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room among other areas. However, when the grout found between the tiles looks dirty, it gives an unsightly show. It, therefore, leaves you wanting for a thorough grout cleaning.

Fortunately, grout cleaning is not a complicated task, and with the right tools and cleaning solution, you can comfortably do it yourself. The following steps will guide you accordingly.

1. Pre-Treat

Start by pre-treating the grout using a rag or a sponge dipped in hot water. Ensure the rag is clean to avoid adding more dirt to the grout. Also, avoid using paper towels while pre-treating grout as it leaves flakes on the grout surface.

2. Apply Cleaning Solution

The grout cleaning solution you choose matters a lot. The kind of cleaning products you use may either leave grout cleaner behind or cause damage. For instance, highly acidic cleaners such as vinegar may provide a less toxic way of cleaning grout, but this option may not work well with tough grout stains.

For a simple homemade grout cleaning solution, mix liquid soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide, and then let it stand for around ten minutes or so before use. This grout cleaning solution is one good option as it's less toxic. However, if you are not able to make the homemade solution, you can purchase a cleaning solution for grout cleaning at a place like a hardware store.

3. Start the Scrubbing Process

Scrubbing is critical in grout cleaning. Make sure the brush use choose has medium and firm bristles. An unused toothbrush can do well, or alternately you can purchase a grout scrubbing brush. However, it's important that you avoid any scrubbing brush with metal wire as it can damage the grout sealer.

Scrub using a circular motion so that you can remove all the bacteria, mildew, and soap without damaging the grout lines.

4. Rinse Properly

Your grout cleaning is not done until you thoroughly rinse off all the dirty water and cleaning solution. Use clean water, either warm or cold water, to rinse. Also, cover the scrubbing area adequately to ensure you end with clean tile grout.

With the mentioned steps in mind, grout cleaning will therefore be an easy task for you. However, if the stains are too stubborn, call in a cleaning service company. They can provide additional information regarding grout cleaning.