Are You In Charge Of Maintaining A Historical Building? 3 Benefits Of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

2 November 2021
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The beauty of a historical building can't be replicated easily. Even with modern efforts to create the look of old or weathered building materials, there is nothing like the real thing. Maintenance for historical buildings often requires using a white glove approach that reduces the chance of damaging the precious materials. Your goal for a cleaning or maintenance project is also likely to be to get the project done as soon as possible so that others can continue to enjoy visiting the space. While you'll come across several different methods for cleaning up a historical site, you'll find that dry ice blasting offers important benefits over the rest for handling the project with finesse.

Remove Old Paint Without Damaging Building Materials

A historical building often has multiple delicate types of building materials involved that require you to use caution as you clean. Dry ice blast cleaning is perfect for just about any type of building material that you'll come across. With this type of cleaning, pressurized carbon dioxide pellets are blown onto the surface of the building. As they hit, they immediately break up any debris that lies on the surface, yet the pressure that they apply to the surface is carefully controlled so that the pellets don't cause damage. You can safely use this cleaning method on wood, marble, brick, and stone without causing etching or staining.

Use the Same Method to Clean Up the Interior

Certain high-powered cleaning methods aren't recommended for indoor use. This is because you may not want to expose old wiring, pipes, and other parts of the building to excessive amounts of moisture. Dry ice dissipates into the air so that you don't have to worry about flooding a space that needs to stay dry. The cleaning crew can also use their special equipment to get around tight spaces. For example, they can remove rust from metal fixtures that may exist in cabinets or other areas that are normally hard to reach.

Eliminate the Need to Contain or Remove Residue

The majority of pressure cleaning options create quite a mess as they clean. This often leads to a need to focus on containment of the residue along with including downtime for removing any leftover remnants from the cleaning process before the public can access the property. Since the dry ice pellets turn into carbon dioxide that simply floats away in the air, you won't have to deal with cleaning up sand, water, or other leftover materials. Depending upon where the building is located, you'll also find that this cleaning method is easier on the environment since there are no particles or chemicals that could get washed away towards nearby bodies of water.

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