5 Benefits Of Professional Concrete Cleaning

17 December 2021
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Most homes feature some concrete, whether it's the sidewalks, a patio or porch, or the driveway. Concrete may also be used to make retaining walls and garden decor, such as benches, fountains, and statuary. Over time, the concrete becomes dirty and stained, which impacts the curb appeal of your home. Concrete cleaning with a pressure washer is the solution. 

1. Kills Moss

Moss and algae growth over concrete leads to unattractive residues along with dark stains. Concrete cleaning sloughs off the moss and algae without damaging the concrete beneath. Basic growth can be cleared with one pass of the pressure washer, while more severe growth may take a couple of passes before it is completely removed.

2. Removes Stains

Stains can come from many sources. Piles of dead leaves can leave behind black stains, car fluids can leak and soak into the concrete, and even your cooking grill can be the source of food and grease stains. As long as the stains don't penetrate deeply, pressure washing will blast them away. If you really want to reduce staining, combine pressure washing with regular concrete sealing. The seal prevents stains from soaking into the paving.

3. Refreshes surfaces

A clean concrete surface is even-colored and bright, while dirty concrete looks dingy and dull. Dirt comes from a variety of sources, including dust, pollen, and soil that is ground into the concrete. Sweeping alone won't work the dirt out of the concrete pores, but a thorough concrete cleaning with a pressure washer will blast all of the surface dirt off the concrete quite easily. The result is concrete that looks new again.

4. Clears Details

Concrete with detail work, such as stamped concrete walkways or statues with intricate lines, can lose some of the visible details and grime builds upon the surface. Careful cleaning at a lower pressure that won't damage the detail work is all that is needed to clear out the lines so all of the details become visible and attractive again. 

5. Fast Results

Trying to scrub concrete by hand with cleansers and deck brushes is time-consuming and back-breaking work. It's also hard to get an even cleaning and really clear out the details using this method. Professional concrete cleaning can be done quickly, with it only taking a minute or two per square foot of concrete that needs to be cleaned. 

Contact a concrete cleaning service if you are ready to quickly improve the look of your home.