The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Hoarding Cleanup Service

6 June 2022
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As a landlord, you rely on the quick turnover of your properties to make money for your leasing business. However, when a tenant has left behind an extensive mess, you might have to spend weeks or longer cleaning it up.

You may not have this amount of time to clean up the property and get it ready to rent again. Instead of spending weeks or months cleaning out the house or apartment, you can hire a hoarding cleanup service to get rid of it quickly.

Fast Services

The hoarding cleanup contractors you hire may be able to clean out the hoarder's mess in a matter of days. They might not bother to go through the mess and find items to save. Instead, they may toss everything left behind on the property in a dumpster for quick disposal.

They may also coordinate their efforts so rooms get cleaned out in hours. The hoarding cleanup workers may have the entire apartment or house emptied and ready to refurbish in one or two days' time, allowing you to lease out the place faster.

Needed Equipment

Further, the hoarding cleanup service you hire to clean up your rental property may provide its workers with all of the equipment needed for the job. The workers may haul a large dumpster to the property so they can use it to dump large items like furniture and ruined carpeting. They may also have their own dollies and carts for hauling out loads of garbage.

They also may use the pickup trucks the hoarding cleanup service makes available to them. They can load up the garbage from the house and haul it away for you. You may avoid having to pay the weekly garbage refuse service to pick up and remove the trash for you.


Finally, the workers for the hoarding cleanup service know how to handle the cleanup work safely. They come equipped with hazmat suits, latex or rubber gloves, respirator masks, and goggles. They also might don rubber boots to prevent them from stepping on anything wet or sharp during their cleanup work. They spare you from coming into contact with messes that may be hazardous to your safety and health.

A hoarding cleanup service can benefit you as a landlord. The workers for it can get the house or apartment cleaned out quickly. They also have their own equipment to use for the job and know how to clean up the mess safely. 

For more information on hoarding cleanup, contact a professional near you.