A Cleaning Team Could Help Cat Owners On Vacation

30 November 2022
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A professional cleaning service could prove valuable assistance for a client with unique needs. People with busy schedules are just some who find their homes or apartments quite messy when someone's not keeping up with cleaning duties. Those who go away on vacation for a couple of weeks may assume things will be fine when they return. After all, how can the interior get messy if no one is there? People who leave a cat behind for a week or two in an apartment might discover a bigger mess than they thought. That can happen even when the cat is looked after by a pet sitter and is well-behaved. Although an easy-going cat might not want to make a mess, expect some messiness when no one's cleaning up after the feline. So, booking a commercial cleaning service to visit and straighten out the apartment could be a good plan.

Loose Hair Makes a Mess

Cats shed, meaning loose hair will rise into the air and land all over the interior. If two weeks go by without anyone cleaning the apartment and vacuuming the hair, it will clump on the floor and land on the furniture. A cleaning professional who comes by three times during the two weeks could remove that loose hair before too much accumulates. Vacuuming loose hair from a sofa not long after it lands could be much easier than getting rid of tons of stubborn hair strands.

Sweeping Up Cat Litter and Other Messes

Cat litter can land all over the floor, and food and water could spill. When a cleaning team visits, a pro may be able to clean up the mess. Vacuuming the carpet and mopping the floor in the kitchen right away might keep things looking pristine. Also, these steps could reduce the chances of bacteria from spilled food or pet waste.

Stains could appear on the carpeting, and addressing the stains right away, could prove less costly than cutting out and replacing sections of carpet. A cleaning professional could discover the mark and go to work shortly after it appears.

Windows and Mess Woes

Cats could sit on windowsills, which means the windowsill and the window might get dirty from paw marks. A cleaner could focus on windows and other areas that could end up overlooked. Any plants on the windowsill or nearby shelves could fall over, sending dirt flying. Cleaning up a mess like this as soon as possible would be preferable to letting the dirt settle.

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