Suggestions For Pet Urine Odor Removal So You Can Get Your Home Smelling Fresh Again

27 February 2023
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If your home smells like dog or cat urine, you've probably tried all kinds of cleaning tips to get rid of the smell. It's frustrating when the odor keeps coming back, and it's embarrassing when you have guests over. Pet urine is often difficult to get rid of, and the cleaning methods and products you're using may be making the problem worse. Here are some things you can try for pet urine odor removal.

Track Down All The Stains With A UV Light

The first thing you need to do is track down all the places your pet urinated in your home. You can do this with a UV light. Shine the light on your flooring, furniture, walls, bedding, and even piles of clothes in your closet and clutter if you have it piled on the floor. Mark the location of the stains so you know where you need to work when you start cleaning.

Call A Carpet Cleaning Service For Help

A carpet cleaning service can clean your carpets, area rugs, upholstered furniture, and maybe even tile or wood flooring. Let them know you're having a problem with pet urine and ask if you need to treat the spots with an enzyme or other spot cleaner before they arrive.

The service will bring cleaning products designed to break up urine stains so the odor disappears rather than just get covered up. Cleaning the carpet and furniture also gets rid of pet body odor, so your home will smell fresh and clean afterward as long as you get rid of all the other urine stains.

Clean With An Enzyme Cleaner Made For Pet Urine

If your pet managed to get urine on the walls or your door, you can clean it using an enzyme cleaner that breaks up urine. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product so you use it properly. You may need to let it soak on the stain for a while before you blot it up. A strong stain could need multiple treatments. Enzyme cleaners usually work on new urine stains as well as old ones.

In addition to cleaning hard surfaces with the cleaner, you may need to add it to your laundry to get rid of odors on bedding, clothing, pet beds, or curtains. It may take a lot of effort to go through your house and find urine and work to get rid of it, but you'll enjoy your home much more once the odor is gone.

A good thing about hiring a cleaning company to clean the urine with enzymes and other products that eliminate the stain is that the stain shouldn't be detectable by your pet any longer. If your pet can still smell the urine, they may want to use the same spot again and start the cycle of urine odors all over. 

For more info about pet odor removal, contact a local company.